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Making Money as an Artist in 2020

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Intro: (0:00)
Where I’m at: (2:41)
How Do I Get Started: (3:50)
How Did I Start Making Money: (7:46)
Active vs. Passive Income: (10:18)
How Do I Build an Audience: (13:19)
How Much Money Do I Make: (19:03)
Tips about Taxes: (26:20)
Accounting (28:21)
Do I Need a Website: (30:03)
Selling Art and Merch: (31:37)
Pricing Your Artwork: (34:27)
Making Money on YouTube: (38:17)
Expensive Gear and Supplies: (39:36)
Art You Love vs. Art That’s Popular: (40:50)
When Should I Start Patreon: (42:09)
Time Management: (44:44)
Working with Companies: (47:58)
Popular vs. Profitable Products: (49:39)
Thank you!: (51:41)

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