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PORTALS: Socially Distant Orchestra plays music from Avengers by Alan Silvestri

We figured out a way to assemble at a social distance – because we can only beat this by working together!

This group of socially isolated and quarantined musicians assembled – in the only way currently possible – to remind us that #MusicKeepsUsClose.

Watch a new musician each time and look for Easter Eggs!

Trumpet – Clyde Daley
Trumpet – Steve Levin
Trombone – Matt Stewart
Trombone – Nick Edelstein
Trombone – Brandon Wilson
Horn – Tori Boell
Horn – Zach Nicely
Horn – Matthew Jaimes
Horn – Blair Hamrick
Tuba – Dave Ernsthausen
Violin – Paula Johannesen
Violin – Adam Grannick
Violin – Michael Mandrin
Violin – Christie Cho
Violin – Philip Gibbs
Violin – Angel Desai
Violin – Victoria Yam
Violin – Eliza DellaMonica
Violin – Alia Scheirman
Violin – Natasha Kermani
Violin – Ryan Mast
Viola – Donald Yeh
Viola – Heather Wallace
Viola – Margaret Knoerzer
Viola – Alistair Lau
Cello – Cremaine Booker
Cello – Lindsay Patterson
Cello – Alicia Furey
Cello – Kayla Dempsey
Bass – Anthony Rideout
Bass – Sean Renaud
Flute – Emily Duncan
Flute – Tabitha Glista
Bassoon – Nisreen Nor
Baritone Saxophone – Brian Schatz
Bass Clarinet – Larry Seltzer
Oboe – Brian Shaw
Clarinet 1 – Leslie Jay
Clarinet 2 – Steven Melzer
Floor Tom – Nicholas Hall
Cymbals – Christy Clasgens
Bass Drum – Brad Clasgens
Snare Drum – Sean Millman
Timpani – Tracy Wiggins
Harp – Bernadette Cumento
Choir Bass – Justin Amolsch
Choir Bass – Jacob Lee
Choir Bass – Ittai Mazor
Choir Tenor – Justin Bays
Choir Tenor – Rich Johnson
Choir Tenor – John Ramseyer
Choir Alto – Sharon Litwinoff
Choir Alto – Cynthia Whitman
Choir Alto – Elise Walters

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